On a quest to find my next adventure in Yinchuan, I learned that in the middle of Zhongshan Park is the Yinchuan Zoo.

As I hopped off of the bus in front of Zhongshan Park, I was greeted by the busy streets of Yinchuan; however, the moment that I stepped into the park, I felt like I was in another world.

With beautiful leaves transitioning with the new season, a woman singing in the distance, and a man performing with his diabolo, there was a peacefulness in the park that allowed me to escape into another world. In the middle of this new world, there is the zoo. 

As I entered the gates of the Yinchuan Zoo, I did not know what to expect, but what I found was indeed a treasure.

Immediately I was greeted by numerous monkeys in an incredibly spacious habitat. They walked up to the window and gazed as I watched in awe. I also found two giraffes that continuously munched on the leaves of the trees that were high enough to reach their exhibit. 

I then walked to the herbivore habitat where I found deer and donkeys. 

With each passing moment, I found another surprise around the corner. From the pacing foxes, to the sleepy bears lounging in their habitat, to the curious ostriches, to the lions prowling around their area, all of the animals were a treat to watch and all for the price of 10 yuan. 

Every animal was incredibly active. You did not have to wait long, if at all, to see the animals in each exhibit because they all seemed to be waiting for the visitors that were so eager to see them. 

By the end of our time at the Yinchuan Zoo, I was impressed with the zoo that was nestled in the middle of Zhongshan Park. Not only do I plan to go back to the zoo, but I also plan to go back and explore the park that surrounds it. 

For those of you that are looking to go to the zoo: 

  • The entrance fee is 10 yuan. 
  • Inside the zoo there is another section of animals that you can pay an additional 10 yuan for. 
  • In that section there are more foxes and moneys. There is also a small reptile area that contains snakes and alligators. 
Bekah Guthrie
Author: Bekah Guthrie