With President Xi Jinping’s push for promoting and building the confidence of Chinese culture, Yi Meng Culture Creativity aims to help make the president’s desire a reality while also fulfilling a need. 

“100 children,” a paper-cut that took 6 months to create, depicts children engaging in various cultural activities.

According to fuzhaoe.com, Yi Meng Culture Creativity (YMMC), “takes developing traditional culture and strengthening cultural self-confidence as its development mission.”

YMMC has eight different products, which are: paper cut, stitching, pottery, red brick cuts, sugar shapes, leather work, porcelain work, and mud cuts. Each of these products plays an instrumental role in fulfilling the mission of the company by portraying traditional culture.

“The company’s products allow the culture to be consumed, so you can buy and enjoy it,” said Yan Lu, the manager of administration.

Yi Meng Culture Creativity also fulfills a need while developing traditional culture.

The company trains village ladies that can stitch in their own home.

“It is not very easy to find a job in the village. Training women in the villages helps make a connection, so they do not have to travel to the city for work. It helps the women gain resources,” said Zhang Bin, a resident of Ningxia who toured YMCC.

The products of Yi Meng Culture Creativity as well as tours of the company are available to everyone.

YMMC was established in September of 2009. YMMC is located on the 11th floor of Zhongya Information Port in the Yinchuan iBi Yucheng Center.



Bekah Guthrie
Author: Bekah Guthrie