Today was wild. Literally, like wild animal wild. Today we went to the Yinchuan Zoo, and I was beyond excited. I love the zoos in America, so I was excited to see what a zoo in China would be like.


First off, the entrance was Beautiful with a capital “B”! It was a gorgeous picture of Chinese architecture at its finest. Anything you could imagine, multiply it by 100, and that is what you are looking at. The entrance of Zhongshan Park, led us to a park filled with tall, white poplar trees that lined the walkways. After a short walk through the trees, we made it to the gate of the zoo.


When we got in, the lions were immediately to our left. They were the most chill creatures I had ever seen in a zoo. They were napping in the sun, and it made me kind of jealous that I wasn’t taking a nap. After the lions there was a wolf. It was pacing back and forth in its enclosure, and the kids were fascinated to see such an energetic animal because the lions weren’t very energetic.


We continued on through the zoo and stopped by my favorite place, which is the monkey exhibit! They were the cutest creatures on the planet. I have never seen them in an American zoo before. The rest of the zoo was really fun. We saw dozens of different kinds of birds, camels, deer, donkeys and more monkeys.


We ended our visit with some delicious ice cream and went on to the next adventure. The zoo is very different than any American zoo, so I recommend giving it a try when you come to Yinchuan.

Guest post written by: Sarah Chappell