Now is the perfect time to see Ningxia. As the seasons are changing, trees are regaining their vibrant colors after the long winter. Dancing in the square is found each morning and night. Kites can be seen soaring high in the sky. 

As May is nearing, many of the state parks are opening. The Helan Mountains are beautiful, and the weather is perfect for a day bike ride from Yinchuan to the mountains. Lui Pan Mountain Park, which is located in the south of Ningxia, is coming to life as spring has brought new life to the park. 

The changing season allows for the perfect outdoor activities, while the food and the growing wine industry completes the Ningxia experience. 

Lamb ribs from GuoQiang ShouZhua

The food:

Maybe you are a foodie, or you love to try new wines. Ningxia offers both. With many people from all over China calling Ningxia home, you are sure to find the food you are looking for. Whether you are searching for traditional dumplings or hand-pulled noodles, you will find it here. Or maybe you want to try something new. There are so many good dishes to choose from. Some of our favorites are fried dumplings, lamb ribs, and sweet  and sour chicken.  

The wine industry:

Not only is Ningxia full of many wonderful foods, but it is also home to a growing wine industry. Ningxia wine has taken off in recent years. After a quick drive to the country side, you will see many vineyards that are producing wine. The Ningxia Wine Bureau is very adamant about bringing the best wine to this area. Ningxia is quickly becoming a prime producer of wine not only throughout Asia but throughout the world. 

Ningxia, is a place you want to visit this time of year. There is always something happening. Whether you want to roam the streets looking through shops and eating good food, or you want to find your next great adventure, you are sure to find what you are looking for. 

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Stephen Guthrie
Author: Stephen Guthrie