If you are ever in Guyuan, Ningxia Guyuan Park is a must see. Ningxia Guyuan Park is a small mountain in the center of Guyuan. The park is filled with an abundance of trees and has incredible scenery!


The park has a main entry way with 422 steps that take you to the top of the mountain. I know you hear that and think “wow, I don’t know if I’m up for that,” but I promise you that it is worth it.


The Ningxia Guyuan Park also has many trails and paths that lead to the top. These trails provide a less arduous path to get up the mountain. Along those paths are trails that have been made from people who have previously visited. These trails might be something you want to experience to get an even more nature trail vibe.


Once you get to the top, you will realize that the climb was well worth it! The landscaping is gorgeous, along with the pagoda that is placed right as you come up the stairs.


There are many lookouts that give you a chance to see the breathtaking view of Guyuan, but if you are looking for the ultimate lookout, climb the pagoda and take in the view. All in all, the Ningxia Guyuan Park is an amazing place to visit. The Ningxia Guyuan Park provides outstanding views of the city, sites of stunning scenery along the trails, and a break from city life.


Guest post written by Brandon Connerly