One thing that I have learned during my time here in Yinchuan is that the city comes to life at night. People come out of the woodworks to dance and play into the night. One of the most popular night life places is the night market.



The night market is beside Ningxia University. Starting around seven, stands start to open and the smell of street food fills the air. It is a popular place for the college students to go to after a long day of classes, which also makes it a great place to make new friends.



When you walk into the market, you can look over the top of the crowd to see the vendors stretch far down the sidewalk. They sell anything from fried noodles and frozen treats to an assortment of meats on a stick. If you are looking to try new and exciting foods that you can only find in China, the night market is the place for you.



Beside the night market you will find more sit down food places that are just as good. It is very colorful and lively back there. Street art can be spotted along the walls and the ground as you walk up and down the street. Across from the market is a mall that has something worth experiencing underneath.



When you walk in, it looks like a typical mall, but trust me when I say follow the crowd to the bottom floor. You won’t regret it. Underneath the mall is what I can only explain as an extension to the night market. There is a maze of food vendors, retail shops, nail salons, and more tucked away for only the ones seeking to find. You could spend hours down there and still not see everything they have. Needless to say, there is plenty to do in and around the night market, so take it in and enjoy the night life while you are here.


Guest post written by Sarah Chappell