After realizing the need, Han Tian Xin Yi came to Yinchuan with a dream. He wanted to be the first to open a Thai restaurant in Yinchuan.

“I wanted to open Tailai Southeast Asia Cuisine Bar, because the restaurants here are similar,” said Han. “I wanted to do something different.”

In November of 2018 Han quickly accomplished his goal of doing something different, but that has not stopped him from ensuring that his new restaurant continues to succeed. Han is often found supervising his restaurant and serving the customers.

Many people have noticed Han’s new addition to Yinchuan and his success. Many people have waited a long time for a place like Tailai Southeast Asia Cuisine Bar.

“For 3 years I kept hoping that someone in Yinchuan would open a Thai restaurant, and it finally happened,” said Jenny Wilson, a resident of Yinchuan.

Though Han’s success has been noticed by many in Yinchuan, Han’s dream of opening a Thai restaurant did not start in Yinchuan.

Han had always wanted to open a small bar with a good environment.

“I first opened a bar in the province of Dongbei. We served a few Thai snacks, but people started to like the food a lot,” said Han.

Chicken Red Curry

One day when Han’s friend was eating at his bar in Dongbei, he told him that he should open a restaurant in Yinchuan.

“He must have seen the need,” said Han.

When Han arrived in Yinchuan, he rode his bike for 6 hours a day looking for the perfect location. After 2 months he found the perfect place. However, his determination to make his new restaurant a success did not stop there. He began traveling with his cooks to Thailand to learn how to cook authentic food.

Now Tailai is a well-known, popular restaurant, and Han is always there to greet his customers.

As the restaurant continues to succeed, Han hopes to open another location. Han hopes to continue introducing Yinchuan to another world of food.

Bekah Guthrie
Author: Bekah Guthrie