If you are looking for somewhere quaint and peaceful with a beautiful view, Jingyuan is the place for you. Jingyuan is a quiet little town on the southern tip of Ningxia. It is filled with amazing food, stunning scenery, and new adventures.

Jingyuan is small enough to enjoy the whole town in a few short days.

In Jingyuan there is a beautiful park with the best view of the Liupan Mountains. There is something for everyone in this park. There is a basketball court for your sporty side, a hiking trail to the top of the mountain for your adventurous side, and a large pond area with a swinging bridge for your quiet side. You might even see a flock of sheep with their shepard if you are lucky.

Jingyuan also has an abundance of market-style alleyways. There are so many markets to explore, and they are scattered all throughout the town. Some are filled with fruits and vegetables and others are filled with bread and fried goodness.

All of this was within a thirty minute walk or less from my hotel, so there was no need to pay for public transportation while staying in Jingyuan. The weather was the icing on the cake. It was a nice sixty-five to seventy degrees in late May.

Jingyuan is a nice place to go to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities in China. I would recommend a few nights stay in Jingyuan to anyone.


Guest post written by Sarah Chappell