Guyuan is a go to travel spot when traveling through Ningxia. It has a lot of great places to eat, exciting tourist attractions, and the city is beautiful. One attraction is the Guyuan Museum. The museum is a 40,000 square meter area that consists of exhibits with ancient Guyuan artifacts, historical documentation of Guyuan, and ancient tombs with inscriptions. The Guyuan Museum also contains beautiful exhibits of the previous dynasties.

The museum displays a description of the Silk Road, the ancient tombs of restorations, a stone inscription hall, and much more. My favorite piece of the museum is the ancient city of Guyuan. It was roughly a 12 foot wide replica of what the ancient city used to look like. It is an incredibly detailed replica. The museum has been open to the public since 1988 and serves as a historical piece to the beautiful city of Guyuan.


Guest post written by Dallas Smith