Ningxia’s Best Reviewed Places


If you are reading this list and think a great place is missing, check the directory. If the location is in the directory, write a review. If not, submit a new listing and add the location to the site.

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    Greenhouse Coffee

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    Tailai Southeast Asian Cuisine Bar

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    LaoYangJia GuoTie Restaurant (Fried Dumplings)

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    Yellow River Ancient Desert (HuangSha GuDu)

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    ZhenJun Hotel

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    FHL Handmade Leather Crafts

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    Metropolis – DaYueCheng

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    Uncle Robin’s Pizza – XiXia Location

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    The Paulaner Brauhaus – Yinchuan Kempinski Bar and Grill

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    Metro – Yinchuan Store

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    Guyuan Museum of Ningxia

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    China West Film Studio

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    Shapotou Scenic Area

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    Guyuan Park

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    QuanJuDe Duck Restaurant

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    LiuPan Mountain Forest Park