Just outside the main city of Yinchuan, there is an incredible piece of history. The Xi Xia Imperial Tombs hold the remains of the leaders from the West Xia Kingdom, which existed as one of the more powerful kingdoms from 1038-1227 CE.


There are buses that drive out to the tombs from within the city of Yinchuan. Once you arrive at the site, before you get out to the tombs, there is what you may consider a small exhibit or a small museum. You walk through different rooms and small buildings, and each exhibit gives historical background and content. The rooms display events that occurred throughout the time of the kingdom and the different rulers.


Once out of the exhibits, you can walk out to the tombs. The tombs are extremely large and look like domes. There are small walking trails all around the site of the tombs.


Our bus ride took us to these tombs, but there are actually more tombs scattered around the area. It didn’t appear that a public bus would take us down to the other tombs, which seemed too far to walk to. So, a few of us decided to rent bikes, which are available before you walk out to the tombs.


This wasn’t a good idea because I am not in shape, and the tombs were around 5 km away. It was a huge struggle for me, so I would not recommend riding the bikes if you aren’t in good shape. After riding down there, the tombs were very similar to the ones near the exhibit, but it was still neat because you could walk up to the tombs. Overall, it was an incredible experience, and I loved learning about the history of the kingdoms while I am in Ningxia. If you are looking for the same thing, the Xi Xia Tombs are a place I highly recommend you travel to.


Guest post written by Dallas Smith