Sand sliding: Photo by Brandy Roberts

If you ever find yourself in the province of Ningxia, a great place to visit is Shapotou. Shapotou is a famous attraction site that is located in the southwest part of Ningxia in Zhongwei.


Shapotou offers different activities such as camel rides, zip lining, sand sliding, and other fun activities. The only way to reach the camels is by bus. You can pay for a round trip bus ticket for 30 yuan. We rode a bus up to the camels, but immediately after we arrived, a cold wind came and blew dust into the air. As a result, they shut down the camel rides for the day. Afterwards, we headed back to the sand sliding. We were at the top of hill, where you could pay 40 yuan to sand slide.


To get to Shapotou you can take a bus or taxi. I would recommend traveling by taxi rather than taking a bus. Once you get there, tickets cost around 80 yuan, but if you are a student and have your Identification card with you, your ticket will cost 40 yuan.


Guest post written by Brandon Connerly

Stephen Guthrie
Author: Stephen Guthrie