Traveling overseas may seem like a daunting task, but traveling around a new city, especially Yinchuan, China, does not have to be overwhelming.  


After arriving in Yinchuan 8 months ago, I asked new friends, both national and international, what was the best way to get around. Now I want to share their advice with you. 

Use DiDi and other marked taxis 

Within minutes of arriving in Yinchuan, you will see that finding a ride around the city is not difficult. Taxis and DiDi’s are everywhere. 


DiDi is a transportation service that is well-known in China. By using the DiDi App, you are able to call a car to your location and type in your destination. This app can make traveling even easier, especially if you are not able to speak Mandarin.


Taxis are in abundance here in Yinchuan, but you want to be safe. You will see that there are both marked and unmarked taxis. To be safe, I suggest always using a marked taxi. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but your driver will also be able to call their company if they need help finding your destination. 

Use public transportation 

Public transportation may seem overwhelming, but it makes navigating Yinchuan easier and cheaper. With the help of your phone, you can use Apple Maps to type in your destination. Apple Maps will show you how to get to the bus stop and which bus to take. 


Public transportation is often cheaper. For just 1 yuan, which is less than 20 cents, you can ride a bus to the end of the line. Depending on your destination you may have to switch lines. If you have a local bus card, your first transfer within the hour will be free. 

Travel to other cities

Yinchuan has coach services as well as a train station. Whether you want to travel a short distance, or you want to travel across the country, your options are endless. 

The Yinchuan Train Station

There are two available coach services in Yinchuan. The long trip bus station is called Yinchuan Qi Che Zhan. With this service you can travel to cities in China like Xi’an. The other bus station is called Yinchuan Lu You Qi Che Zhan. This bus station allows you to travel across Ningxia. 


When using the coach services you can plan your trip in advance, or you can spontaneously go explore another city. 


The Yinchuan Train Station has daily trains. These trains go to cities across China. For shorter distances you can find day trains. They also have night trains, so you can wake up in your destination. 

Stay up to date on new transportation options 

China is growing every day, and Yinchuan is no exception. Yinchuan is expected to have a high-speed rail line soon. With the new rail line comes more opportunities to explore China. With this new high-speed rail line, you will be able to start or end your trip in Yinchuan. 

Bekah Guthrie
Author: Bekah Guthrie